5th Annual Eastern PA Super 32 Early Entry Tournament
Saturday, August 17th, 2019

at East Stroudsburg University
259 Smith St, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

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Eastern PA Super 32 Challenge Early Entry Tournament
Past Results and Info

High School
106 LBS
1st Nick Fea NY (RedNose) DEC Richard Treanor NC (Darkhorse), 6-0
3rd Dante Geislinger NY (Gladiators) DEC Kelly Dunnigan NJ (Edge), 4-0
113 LBS
1st Troy Spratley NY (Gladiators) TF Joe Fongaro NJ (Edge), 22-7 3:33
3rd Quinn Melofchik NJ (Dark Knights) DEC Joey Lamparelli NJ (Triumph), 4-3
120 LBS
1st Adam Jacob PA (Team Nauman) DEC Nick Babin NJ (Bitetto Trained), 1-0
3rd Josiah Encarnacion NY (VHW) DEC Timothy Uhler PA (Brawlers), 2-1
126 LBS
1st Ryan Burgos NY (Hilton) DEC Elijah Bundro PA (Easton), 3-1
3rd Joseph Manginelli NJ (RedNose) FOR Nieko Malone NJ (Bedelyon Trained)
132 LBS
1st James Rodriguez NJ (Roman Legion) DEC Clay Baker PA (Spring Grove), 2-1
3rd Will Grater NJ (Don Bosco) DEC Aj Derosa NJ (Fortify), 2-0 SV
138 LBS
1st Mark Montgomery NJ (Apex) DEC Travis Brown PA (Liberty), 7-2
3rd Patrick Gould PA (Dark Knights) DEC Shawn Nonaka VA (Vikings), 8-6
145 LBS
1st Scott Jarosz NJ (Roxbury) DEC Alec Bobchin NJ (Rhino), 4-2
3rd Raymond Costa NY (VHW) DEC Steven Storm PA (Pocono Mountain East), 6-2
152 LBS
1st Justin Lemay NJ (Central) DEC Jeremiah Oakes PA (Scranton), 4-3
3rd Drew Clearie PA (Nazareth) F Matt Sacco NJ (Bridgewater-Raritan), 1:50
160 LBS
1st Kyle Mosher NY (RVC) F James Lledo PA (Lower Merion), 0:35
3rd Vincent Andreano NJ (Delbarton) DEC Colin Morgan NJ (Gonzo), 7-1
170 LBS
1st Christian Murphy NJ (Howell) DEC Angel Garcia PA (Beat the Streets), 2-1 UTB
3rd Anthony Hinson PA (Team Nauman) DEC Garrett Bilgrav NJ (Robbinsville), 7-3
182 LBS
1st Christopher Garrison NC (Combat Athletics) DEC Jeremy Seymour PA (West Scranton), 3-0
3rd Jt Davis DE (Team Mason) DEC Kevin Hennessy PA (Steel), 6-1
195 LBS
1st David Galasso PA (Armspin Army) F Xavier Garcia PA (Dieruff Huskies), 2:26
3rd Jayden Bortz PA (Northampton) DEC Kyler Martin NY (Grain House), 10-9
220 LBS
1st Luke Fischer NJ (Gonzo) DEC Michael Filieri NJ (Gonzo), 2-1
3rd Jonah Niesenbaum PA (Salisbury) DEC David john Shook PA (East Stroudsburg North), 5-4
285 LBS
Nicholas Barrett (Armspin Army) DEC Nick Sannino (Ocean City), 5-4
Middle School
85 Matthew Dolan WV (Iron Eagles) MD Ethan Whittaker PA (Team Nauman), 16-3
85 Ethan Smith NJ (Edge) DEC Carter Pedrick PA (Lincoln Highway), 4-1
90 Giovanni Alejandro NJ (Bitetto Trained) FOR Matt Roche NJ (Red Hawk)
90 Charlie Bunting PA (Dark Knights) MD Marco Frinzi PA (Bethlehem Catholic), 14-5
100 Jonathan Fuller NJ (Rahway) MD Ricky Gomez NJ (Hudson Valley), 12-0
100 Evan Camire PA (Emmaus) MD Anthony Evanitsky PA (Mat Assassins), 12-4
102 Devlin Blanchard NY (Journeymen) F Kyle Lash PA (Salisbury), 0:51
102 Judah Aybar MD (Team Nauman) F Braedon Alder PA (LVWC), 2:11
105 Dominic Wheatley PA (Nazareth) MD Luke Sirianni PA (Abington Heights), 12-0
105 Donavan Smith NY (Flwc) F Aaron Gardner PA (Palmerton), 1:31
122 Luke Roberts VA (Rangers) TF Mitchell Adams PA (Big Spring), 17-2 2:50
185 Sean Kinney PA (East Stroudsburg North) FOR Justin Onello NJ (Bitetto Trained)
80 Chase Quenault NJ (CJA) F Garrett Pedrick PA (Lincoln Highway), 0:54
80 Tahir Parkin s PA (East Stroudsburg South) TF Derek Rodriguez NJ (RedNose), 22-6 3:20
132 LBS
3rd Brandon Judge (Eynon PA) FOR Kenny Herrmann (Coopersburg PA)
152 LBS
3rd Cole Rees (Erie PA) FOR Hunter Kernan (Bethel Park PA)
120 LBS
3rd Anthony Petrillo (Livingston NJ) FOR Victor Lopez (West Orange NJ)
138 LBS
3rd Ricky Reimers (Roxbury NJ) DEC Seth Koleno (Central Pa All Stars), 4-0

General Information Regarding Early Entry Tournaments

  • Top 4 placers in each tournament (High School division only) are eligible for EARLY ENTRY into the Super 32. Here’s how it works:
    • You will be able to register online following your early entry tournament.
    • Early Registration will run through 10:00 am Eastern on Sunday, September 24
    • You must register during this time window or you will lose your preferred status and will have to wait until regular registration opens
    • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: these tournaments enable you to register early. They do not guarantee your entry into the tournament. If you do not take advantage of the early registration opportunity, you will have to wait and register during regular registration, and you might miss the entry cutoff
  • These tournaments are for early entry. It is not required to wrestle in an early entry tournament in order to wrestle in the Super 32
  • Early entry is ONLY for the High School Division. THERE IS NO EARLY ENTRY FOR THE GIRLS, MIDDLE SCHOOL OR ELEMENTARY DIVISIONS. Some of these tournaments will have a girls/middle school/elementary divisions, but they are not considered part of the Super 32 Early Entry system.
  • You are not required to wrestle the same weight class in the Super 32 that you wrestle in the early entry tournament
  • The entry fee for the early entry tournaments is $32. Some tournaments will have an additional fee for late registration, walk-ins, online registration, etc. These additional fees are at the discretion of the tournament director, but may not exceed an additional $10.
  • You may wrestle in more than one early entry tournament
  • If you are already eligible for early entry into the Super 32 based on other criteria as listed on our Early Registration page, you may still compete in the early entry tournament. If someone who is already eligible for early registration places in the top 4, there will be no additional wrestlers to register early (ie, if a state champion places 1st in the early entry tournament, this does not mean that the wrestler who places 5th may register early)
  • As with the Super 32, no membership card is required to wrestle in the early entry tournaments

The early entry tournaments will use the official high school weight classes. There may be a 3 lbs allowance in the early entry tournaments (up to the discretion of each site director) but NO allowance in the actual Super 32 Challenge.

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