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    Access to grade level checklists, NCAA & NAIA Compliance guides and timelines, Collegiate Programs Search Tool, Coaches Database & More
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  • Complete Academic Data
  • Complete Athletic Data
  • Access to the Resource Vault
  • Video and Match Upload
  • Communication Tools
  • Admissions, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Assistance
    Guidance with the college admissions, financial aid process, and college commitment
  • Personal Recruit Coach
    Beyond the resource of our recruiting coaches and platform, adding a recruit coach to your support system increases achieving all your goals. Your recruit coach is your consultant, working together with you and your family to best help you solidify your college commitment.

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We are the only national recruiting database for the sport of wrestling. In assisting wrestlers and their families we also help coaches identify prospective student-athletes for their program.

Utilize Tools and Resources

Access our wrestling specific Programs Search Tool - Get access to all of the athletic, admissions, and college data in one spot with integrations.

Organization and Accessibility

All of your important statistics, credentials, documents, videos, and more - all in one place for making communication and correspondence easy.

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Why You Should Get Registered With A Profile

The System

The platform was designed to eliminate stress and make the recruiting journey as understandable as possible.  Whether you are a wrestler or parent, using our platform and services will make wrestling recruiting easier for everyone.  Access, resources, contacts, exposure, and education are all at your fingertips.

Exclusive to Wrestling

Wrestling has long been under-served in many areas compared to other sports.  Recruiting help and services have been no exception.  We saw a need to assist wrestlers and families with the journey.  Created by wrestlers for wrestlers.  We only focus on one athlete and one sport; Wrestling.  No other national company can say this.  Period.


When it comes to the fields of college admissions, financial aid, compliance, scholarships and recruiting, our knowledge cannot be matched.  We take pride in navigating the challenges wrestlers face in the recruiting process.  Knowing the rules, timelines, deadlines, finance and  academic guidelines are paramount for success.

Incredible Value

National recruiting websites and services cost a fortune.  It’s also public knowledge that they will leave you in the dust at the most critical times.  CWR delivers more value beyond a fraction of the cost.  You deserve to get results for something you pay for.

The Network

We partner and work with some of the best wrestling organizations, associations, coaches and administrators.  Our network is committed to growing and advancing the sport beyond picking a college for academics and athletics.

Our Team

Passion is what drives us.  Our staff is comprised of former collegiate coaches, student-athletes, and parents who care deeply about the sport of wrestling.  You only have one opportunity to go through the recruiting process but we do this all of the time – we are here to help you with your goals.

Other Unique Plans Available to Wrestlers

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  • For more information, email transfers@wrestling recruiting.com

International Students

$ 199
  • For more information, email international@wrestlingrecruiting.com

New for 2018-2019

ACT and SAT Test Prep Packages Now Available!

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