Spring and Summer Wrestling Showcases


Helping Wrestlers Get to College
Helping Coaches Fill Their rosters

We Help #GrowWrestling by Connecting Prospects & Programs

With the High School and College wrestling seasons both being winter sports, the recruiting process can become quite tricky when it comes to communication and visits.  Not to mention the lack of budget and free time coaches have to dedicate to travel and recruiting.  Our Spring and Summer Wrestling Showcases are designed to simplify the process for Recruits and College Coaches.  Prospective Student-Athletes not only get the chance to showcase their skills and work ethic, but they get to learn more about the recruiting process, college admissions, have the opportunity to network and meet college coaches, and learn about viable collegiate wrestling opportunities.

Combine Testing

Wrestlers will perform workouts and be tested in the areas below. Workouts will be in done in front of college coaches. All data and measurables will be made available to college coaches and inputted into your profile. The combine portion of the showcase will be run by a nationally certified strength and conditioning coach.
  • Bench press
  • Back Squat
  • Dead Lift
  • Pull-Ups
  • Push-Ups


  • 40-Yard Dash
  • 1 Mile Timed
  • Stance Motion Drills
  • 3 Cone Drill
  • Shuttle Run
  • Balance Testing
  • Direction Change Drills
  • Center of Gravity Drills
  • Skin Fold/Body Fat Composition
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Wingspan

Collegiate Style Wrestling Practice

The college style wrestling practices will be run by former NCAA Division I All-Americans and National Champs. The practice portion of the showcase will replicate the speed and intensity level of a typical college practice. Wrestlers will also be put into small groups by weight with current or former collegiate wrestlers for live and situational wrestling.

The College Admissions Process

Info Sessions for Wrestlers and Parents

Applying to Colleges

Tips and Guidelines

SAT and ACT Testing

College Admissions Entrance Testing


Important Dates and Timeline Resources

Parent/Guardians and Wrestlers will be provided with resource Folders and Packets. Info Sessions and Folders will contain information and guidelines for a successful admissions and recruiting process.

Financial Aid/Grants

FAFSA Guidance and Protocols

NCAA Compliance

Eligibility and Core Courses

Learn about College and University Options

Men's Wrestling Options
Women's Wrestling Options
-Learn about where scholarships exist, where there are roster openings, what's the difference between DI and DII, and more.
-Meet college wrestling coaches and learn more about the colleges during the Coaches and Colleges Exhibit.

What You Get From Our Showcases

Wrestlers Will Receive:

  • Event T-Shirt
  • Customized Combine T-Shirt
  • College Wrestling Program’s Database
  • Entry for Combine, Practice, and Info Sessions
  • Digital Online Bio and Profile

Parents Will Receive:

  • College Admissions Checklist 
  • Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants Packet
  • NCAA Eligibility and Compliance Instructions
  • Access to Information Sessions


*Lunch and Meals are not included but can be purchased on site

Dates and Locations

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Wrestler Registration

To attend a College Wrestling Recruiting Showcase you must be a rising Freshman or the age of 14 by the date of the wrestling showcase you are participating in.  Showcases are open to current high school boys and girls wrestlers who are looking to wrestle on the collegiate level.  Showcases are not open to anyone who has already graduated high school.  

Sign-up using your email to be notified once registration opens up for the Spring and Summer Showcases.  Early bird pricing ends one month before each showcase.  

Wrestling in College



Collegiate Wrestling

At a time where Boy’s High School Wrestling participation numbers have been down over the last 7-8 years, Men’s Collegiate Wrestling Programs are being started or re-instated at a very healthy pace.  The reality is with less boys to recruit and more places looking for recruits, it’s a buyers market.  The point that needs to be learned and understood is that most of these programs are being installed at the NCAA Division II and III levels, NAIA, NJCAA/JUCO schools and pretty much anywhere outside of Division I Wrestling. 


Collegiate Wrestling

As of the upcoming 2019-2020 season, Women’s Collegiate Wrestling will have over 50 programs.  Most of the programs have been started in the last few years and are following a trend that meets the demand of the fastest growing High School sport – Girl’s Wrestling.  Some of the programs are starting at schools that already have a men’s program or are starting together.  Some are even starting at schools where there has never been a wrestling program or presence before.  Regardless, this is an exciting time for Women’s Collegiate Wrestling.

College Coach Registration

A hospitality room with meals and beverages will be provided for attending coaches.

Attendance is free for pre-registered and attending coaches. Fill out the form below to get registered and promoted.

  • Highest Priority from the Class of 2021
  • 2nd Highest Priority from the Class of 2021
  • 3rd Highest Priority from the Class of 2021


Until the first official day of college practices and the collegiate wrestling season.  Will you be on a roster?